It’s All in Your Head

It’s All in Your Head by Russ | Book Review by Pamela Bailey

Before encountering this book I didn’t realize Russ was a writer. I had become more interested in reading more and more books especially during this quarantine and I actually saw this book recommended to me on my Amazon list. I immediately put it in my cart but never actually came around to making a purchase because I knew I wanted to look for more books. 

I felt more connected to wanting to purchase a bunch of books to read during this quarantine since I had so much time on my hands now. It’s All in Your Head was the first book I decided to read when I got all of my books and I felt like it was appropriate to start it first because I felt like the other books were needed to be read with a fresh mindset on understanding that all the knowledge that I wanted to learn was truly only being stopped by me, and it was all in my head. 

In this short illustration and guideline book, it not only goes through things that people might not want to come to terms with, but Russ also incorporates many personal instances where he himself was coming to terms with the same things he was speaking about throughout the book. I think that’s what made the book even more enjoyable because I felt like Russ was going through the same things I am going through at this moment in my life. 

I 100% recommend everyone read the quick read, it took me a span of 2 days to fully complete the book, and it has great pointers on what to do when to fully live out your dream, and to overcome obstacles that everyone faces in their lifetime. 

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It’s All in Your Head

Co-Founder, Pamela Bailey giving her own personal thoughts on It’s All in Your Head by Russ

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