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Vyntage is a Gen-Z led media platform curating unapologetic spaces for students of color breaking barriers through: digital storytelling & social campaigns. Vyntage is the center of all things culture, activism, and innovation.  If you’re interested in joining and being apart of the Vyntage fam follow our Instagram @simplyvyntage.

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We are a small team of creative college students with a wide range of skills and experiences. We have different interests and career aspirations but we all are dedicated to amplifying the voices of our various communities. We are centered by our shared ambition, determination, and fearlessness. Hear us.

Grace Assogba


A first-generation Togolese-American, Grace is majoring in International Studies with a concentration in Ethics and Social Justice and a minor in African and African Diaspora Studies. “I created Vyntage because I wanted a space to be able to talk about the things that were happening around me, and I didn’t want to wait for someone to create that platform for me, to validate what I felt needed to be said and done. So, I created that platform for myself. Anyone can be Vyntage. Being Vyntage is about being unapologetically yourself, whatever that means, and using whatever resources you have to execute the reality you want. You are powerful; that’s it.”

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Pamela Bailey


Pamela is studying Communications and minoring in African and African Diaspora Studies at Boston College. “I decided to co-found Vyntage to help other people become leaders from my experiences. With the limited access, all of us have, we can create a difference, we can add to the conversation, and build the futures we want. Vyntage is meant to help others see the potential in themselves and to encourage everyone to join the Vyntage movement with us. As for what makes me Vyntage, there is my confidence, fierceness, and ambition.”

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Chantal Arias

Mangement Director

Chantal is studying Economics at Boston College’s Carroll School of Management on the pre-law track. “As a young woman attending a PWI and being in the school of business, I have noticed there isn’t a lot of diversity of gender or even race. I want to not only promote more awareness but to take action and make a change with my perspective. I want to encourage all those around me to join in this movement. These things are what I think makes me Vyntage.”

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Bilguissa Barry

Events Coordinator

Bilguissa is an International Studies and African and African Diaspora double major at Boston College. “As a black Muslim woman who is a first-generation student at a PWI, representation is critical to me and my identity. These intersecting identities make me Vyntage because everything I do and aspire to do is promote diversity. It is also to help to create an inclusive space for all marginalized identities to feel safe and bring their perspectives.”

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Ashlynn Cottoy

Campus Ambassador

Ashlynn is a majoring in Political Science and minoring in African and African Diaspora Studies at Boston College. “Growing up as a low-income black female from a family of immigrants, I have been exposed to many of the world’s injustices. My understanding of my own oppression is what drives the empathy that I have towards other people’s oppression and fuels my passion for advocacy. Whether its been visiting my councilman at ten years old to tell him that the library near me lacked books about the government in the children’s section, participating in March for Our Lives during high school, or being on involved in activist groups on my college’s campus, I have always known that my age does not and should not prevent me from using my voice to create change. My fearless youth activism is what makes me Vyntage. It is my goal to help other youths learn how they can be Vyntage as well.”

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Meeraf Alemayehu

Campus Ambassador

Meeraf is studying Information Systems at Boston College’s Carroll School of Management. “I believe the future lies in the hands of those who are willing to step up and enact change. Vyntage does just that through creating a platform for young people to find their voices and see their passions come to life. The Vyntage movement is for the empowered youth to show the world what makes them Vyntage. As for me, my self-confidence, fluidity, and cognizance are what make me Vyntage.”

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Fantagbe Camara

Campus Ambassador

Fantagbe is majoring in Sociology at Emory University. “Vyntage is a way for people on my campus to connect with other students across colleges, no matter how far they are from one another. I enjoy connecting with people and networking, and I know this position would allow me to do more of that. I am always willing to travel and explore different things, so it’s nice to explore a new vision on my very own campus. Being a West African who was born and raised in Harlem, I am full of so many different cultures that make me extremely unique and willing to share my experiences.”

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taleah pierre-louis

Campus Ambassador

Taleah is a first-gen, Haitian American from Boston, Massachusetts currently attending Boston College where she is double majoring in Applied Psychology and Human Development, as well as African and African Diaspora Studies. “Vyntage provides a platform for important conversations and content for people whose voices are shut out or deemed unimportant. Everyday that I am surviving and excelling, I beat the odds of what statistics say my life should be like. I come from a household where topics of feminism, mental health, education, and blackness are of value and shape my views on the importance of empowerment, culture and activism.”

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